Care for a Mint? ~ About this Blog

I am a twenty-something male, trying fervently (and sometimes apathetically) to live a full life. I work in the luxury hotel industry as a front desk agent and live in the beautiful city of Vancouver.If you have any interest in reading this blog (bless you, sweet idiot) then you can expect stories involving components such as: childhood memories, stilted social encounters, anxious thought spirals, my time working in hotels, my dating efforts, and presumably a large number of stories that end with me eating ice cream and watching TED Talks.

This blog is my attempt to keep record of some of the stories that I’ve collected in my arduous attempts to be a normal, functioning adult. They are memories and moments for you to indulge in if you so desire. They are the mints on your hotel room pillows; to be enjoyed and savored… Or to be thrown in your purse and later given to somebody else who’d appreciate them more. Or just tossed in the garbage, I suppose. Really it’s up to you. You can do whatever you want with them. That’s why those little mints are complimentary. AS IS MY BLOG. But don’t be a dick and put my blog in the garbage because that would be rude as hell. I would put you on my “Never Invite These People to Your Dinner Parties” list. That’s right. Your name would be right on there with ‘Cameron Diaz’ and ‘people who talk loudly on their cell phones while riding the bus’.


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